Our Canteen is leased and provides a wide range of foodstuffs that meet all Healthy Food Guidelines. These should be ordered as follows:


1.   On a clean, plain paper bag - write your child’s name, grade, room number and order.

2.   Enclose correct money in the bag - if insufficient money is provided an item will be removed from the order.

3.   Lunch orders are placed in tubs in each room.  These are taken to the canteen at 9.00am.


Lunches are collected from the Canteen by the grade monitors and distributed by the teacher.


Each term the canteen may have a special lunch day. Parents are asked to support these by encouraging children to order lunches from the canteen rather than bringing in other take-away lunches for the students.


If a student forgets to hand in their lunch order they will receive either a cheese or vegemite sandwich. Parents are expected to pay for this.


Students who are rude to canteen staff will not be served.