School History

Wedge Park was named after John Helder Wedge (1793 - 1872) a surveyor, who surveyed much land around the Melton area. He was a friend of explorer John Batman.

Wedge Park opened in 1982.  At the end of 1981 children from Melton West Primary School were zoned and split into Wedge Park students and Melton West students.  At this stage Melton West was close to  housing 1000 children.  Extra portables at Melton West Primary School were used for Wedge Park students.  In May 1982 Wedge Park buildings were completed and the staff and children moved to its present site.

Wedge Park opened with an enrolment of 238 children.  The first Principal at Wedge Park Primary School was Mr Jack Frolich until August 1986.

In 1984, to mark Victoria's 150th Anniversary, the school planted a time capsule which is due to be opened in 2034.