Subject Contributions



Each year classroom materials are purchased in bulk by Wedge Park Primary at considerable savings.  Book Packs are provided for each year level and we encourage parents to purchase these packs as they ensure that each student has identical and correct stationary requirements.

Subject Contributions for 2016 for year levels Prep to Grade 2 are $150.00 per student. 

For Grades 3 - 5 the Subject Contributions are $250.00 per student, which includes an iPad levy of $100.00.  Should the student provide their own iPad (certain requirements will apply) the subject contributions will be $150.00.

For Grade 6 students the Subject Contributions are $250.00 which includes a $100.00 levy allowing the Grade 6 students to have access to their own Macbook computer for 50% of the school day.

The above amounts cover all class materials used during the course of the year.

There is also a voluntary environment contribution (amount to be nominated by the parent/guardian) which is used to maintain our artificial turf areas, garden areas and playground equipment.