Welcome to Wedge Park Primary School

School History

Wedge Park was named after John Helder Wedge (1793 - 1872) a surveyor, who surveyed much land around the Melton area. He was a friend of explorer John Batman. Wedge Park was opened in1982. Further information about John Wedge

 Because of severe overcrowding that existed at Melton West Primary School, moves were made in 1977 to alleviate this problem by asking for the establishment of a further primary school in the West Melton area. An inaugural planning meeting occurred on 1/6/78. After many frustrations and holdups, the building finally commenced in mid 1981 and in the following year, the school commenced in hosted accommodation at West Melton Primary School. The new buildings were completed in May 1982  and then were occupied on May 24th 1982 with 233 students. The 'core plus' design allowed the school to grow with the addition of classroom portables as required by student population increases. A school Co-Operative was set up in 1992 to fund a school gymnasium. This was built and opened in 1996. The school's administration wing was then redesigned to meet modern educational needs. This was then followed by the construction of the first permanent classrooms for Wedge Park. Sixteen permanant classrooms were constructed. The school then established the first astro turf playing fields in Western Region (2002). This was followed by a second playing surface 2 years later. In 2006,  school council invested funds into the collection of all storm water into a large tank that  allows the school to water its oval. In 2007 the school traffic school was established with funds from School Council. In 2010, the school received funding from the Federal Government for its Performing Arts Centre which includes a renovated gymnasium, a large stage, a new library, canteen as well as a television centre. As part of the upgrade School Council invested some funds into the 'School Masks' to enhance the school, but also to create  a school meeting place. In 2012, the school finally established a music centre.