In recent years Wedge Park Primary School's student population has grown considerably.  With an increase in population comes an increase in buildings located on the school site.  Due to our enrolments now over 700 and given the size of our school site the Department of Education and Training (DET)  has instructed the school to use a boundary.  This means that we are only able to accept new enrolments to the school from a designated boundary.  At this stage all of the Westlakes and West of Clark's Road, Botanicia Springs and sections Arnolds Creek Estate are within our area, however only part of West Melton is included.  Before submitting an enrolment application please check with our school to ascertain if you are within our designated area. 

Families who already have students enrolled, but do not live in our area, are still able to enrol further siblings at Wedge Park.


When enrolling a student for the first time, the following are required:

1.  Completed Student Enrolment Form (collect form the school)

2.  Proof of Date of Birth (Birth Certificate or Passport)

3.  School Entry Immunisation Certificate (obtainable from the Childhood Immunisation Registry)

4.  Headlice Inspection Permission Form

Children need to be 5 years of age by 30th April in the year that they commence school.

Headlice Inspection Permission Form